What Our Users Are Saying

Meghan M.

  As someone completely unfamiliar with homebrew, ordering the kit and brewing without the guidance of an experienced brewer was extremely easy.  

Jay G.

  Just cracked open my first ever home brewed beer. TASTES GREAT. When does the next kit ship??  

Alberto H.

  I never thought I'd like brewing until I tried BrewCrate. I had a blast with my first crate and I'm looking forward to more!  

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How It Works

BrewCrate is a small team of Beer Enthusiasts who think that great craft beer should be brewed at home by beer lovers everywhere.

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We send you a new homebrew kit every month with everything you need to brew one gallon of beer. It's the perfect way to learn how to brew.

2. Brew

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Our carefully written instructions and first-time equipment kit make it easy for you to start brewing. It's so simple to make great beer.

3. Beer

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Whether you share with your friends or enjoy by yourself, you're drinking a unique brew. Enjoy, brewmaster. You're ready for the next batch.

1. Choose

Vote on recipes and names. Get recognized when your pick wins. Choose your favorite crate each month. We do the rest.

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2. Brew

Each crate comes with everything you need. Get your brew on with our simple instructions. Learn a new skill or hone your hobby.

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3. Enjoy

Drink the fruits of your labor. In moderation, of course. Share with friends. Share with us and we’ll feature you on the site.

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